IconArt - The Concept

Consequently to an ever-changing world, which imposes hard rhythms to daily life, it is difficult to keep up with life time. Caos, multinational companies and progress in technology reduce the time of action and unreachable life purposes confuse themselves: seem closer, hidden by corruption, false idealisms, power abuses, but they are not and let men be recycled products of the big trash that can called world.

Was this the world our ancestors thought of?

What was the purpose of sacrificed lives, if our freedom is a mere execution of orders?

What is the meaning of an active brain, if social speed limits thoughts?

In such a similar scenario, art is due to react in order to propose new linguistic and expressive systems, what can be intuitive, immediate, and opposes the daily craziness. Systems need to pursue the same roads decisively, to contrast cruelty imposed by the subdolous mind of those men giving rules as if they were leading shepards. The language here proposed is modest and elevated at the same time, something which is similar to the computer sign language, catchable and universal for everybody, as it has never been.

Let's go back to our freedom and time.

We are our destiny's owners and if we want to, we can change the direction of events, towards a more human world.

Freedom or slavery . Just mind's external shape.